Foot, Hand and Nail Care

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Foot bath pills 新品艾草本泡脚凝珠 *25pcs

RM75.90 RM75.00 (50% SP)

新品 ! 新品 ! 新品!功效 : 安神助眠,祛湿排毒,暴汗发热,酸痛Efficacy: soothe the nerves, help sleep, remove dampness and detox, sweating and fever, soreness一罐 25粒 , 1 bottle 25 pcs *readystock *readystock..


M soft heel cream

RM15.50 RM18.00 (50% SP)

Msoft heel Cream Special cream for Very dry and cracked heel -30gMsoft heel is composed of UREA ,the dermatologist ‘s choice for dry and craced sin treatment Plus the advanced moisture-retaining SACCHARIDE ISOMERATE and AHA in the moisturizers enriched cream base that makes MSOFT heel is more efficient in both reliable action and rapid result which..

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