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Anmum Materna - Pregnant Mum (650g)

RM37.80 (50% SP)

Anmum Materna - Pregnant Mum (650g)Minimum Order; 2 packsAnmum Materna > Specially formulated to support pregnant mums and their developing baby. > The only brand that is low in fat.> Contains DR10 and Inulin. DR10 and Inulin supports good gut health. Good gut health is important for good nutrients absorbtion. > Supports 100% daily re..


S26 Gold Promise Step 4, 4 Years old and Above (1.8kg)

RM112.90 (50% SP)

Scientifically formulated growing-up milk that provides important nutrition for your young children's multiple areas of development. Contains higher * levels of DHA, Lutein and Choline Added with Oligofructose, a soluble dietary fibre. Contains high-quality whey-protein including alpha-lactalbumin Contains 5 Nucleotides *compared to previous fo..

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