Seller Standards and Policies

  • Quin Pavilion is a sales platform to provide buyers and sellers with a good shopping experience, and at the same time bringing users a better service and peace of mind experience. We have established an account identity authentication mechanism to enhance the authentic identity of users and protect the legitimate rights and interests of buyers and sellers. All buyers and sellers need to complete real-name authentication.
  • Platform will manage sellers through system transaction records, and give rewards and punishments to encourage good seller behavior.
  • Using the rewards of the subsidy program, sellers can promote with more discounts for products, so as to develop markets and increase product sales. Buyers can also use Spending Points savings of up to 50% through this program, achieving a win-win result for both parties.

What if the seller's performance standards are not met?
At the moment, we will observe merchant transaction records. If it fails to meet the standards or against any rules and regulations, it will relatively restrict it by:

  • Order records: self-buying and self-selling, unusual multiple bulk orders, collusion between false buyer and seller transaction records
  • Violation of merchant product specifications-misleading prices, shipping or product descriptions that mislead consumers
  • Abuse- abuse using of rewards points/discount voucher, abuse of regulations or suspected fraud
  • Plagiarized or infringing content on the product listing page (If it is 100% authentic, the certificate of the brand must be submitted)
  • For the avoidance of doubt, sellers of Quin Pavilion shall bear the responsibility to observe any restrictions for the sale of direct selling products and/or vouchers. In the event Quin Pavilion Management receives any complaint from the direct selling products companies, we shall reserve the rights to remove the said products from the page immediately without further notice. 

When the system detects the above improper use of the account, the account will be freeze

Account Has Been Freeze

Account use/trading behavior

  • Non-user itself place orders
  • Create fake orders- self-buying and self-selling (Example: The act of mislead with multiple orders with the same name, device, address, etc)
  • Fraud or any actions affect safety of deals
  • Behavior that disrupts the platform or users
  • Unusual bulk multiple orders, sales or credit card rebates
  • Misuse of shipping subsidies, discount voucher, merchant/user subsidies
  • Post or send offensive, hateful or indecent messages


  • Illegal products
  • Serious infringement of the intellectual property rights of third parties
  • Avoid transaction fees (eg setting unreasonable shipping fee)
  • Repeated large quantities of illegal products are listed


  • Impersonate any person or entity, or falsely report the relationship with any person or entity while using our platform
  • Preventive Freeze account
    • Mass spamming messages or advertising
    • Create a false identity (to deceive others)
    • Use suspicious personal data to register multiple accounts
  • Does not include any or above, but has obviously harmed the interests of Quinton Group's companies

Self-Buying and Self-Selling

We strictly observe on all kinds of abuses on the platform, and hope to protect the rights and interests of both buyers and sellers. If self-purchase and self-sale are detected, the account will be freeze
  • What is self-buying and self-selling
  • Self-buying and self-selling: the accounts of both buyer and seller are related, such as: the same address, bank account, credit card, etc. have been used. Please note that once there transactions with a multiple related account detected, your account may be blocked by the system
How to Appeal?
  • If your account has been freeze by the system for against of self-buying and self-selling or any actions that against rules & regulations, but you have doubts, you may appeal and email to: [email protected]
  • Please provide relevant supporting evidence, or provide a reasonable explanation, we will review your appeal case, and those who succeed in the appeal we will release your account immediately
  • Repeated offenders after the appeal is successful, the freeze account will be permanently suspended
  • After receiving your appeal, it will be reviewed and inform you of the result of the appeal. Please also pay attention to the email. Don’t worry, we will release the payment to you as usual if you have shipped your items
※Please be sure to provide valid proof materials or documents to facilitate the review of your transaction records. If your personal information is wrong, is not valid, or does not clearly state the status of your appeal, your appeal will be rejected. The appeal will be reviewed by the risk management team and will be replied by email. Accounts that have responded to the review results will no longer be accepted for review


  • Quin Pavilion是一个平台提供买卖双方良好的购物体验,同时带给用户更好的服务及安心的体验. 我们建立帐户身份认证机制,以加强用户核实之真实身份并保障买卖双方的合法权益。所有买卖家都需要 完成实名认证。
  • 平台将透过系统交易记录管理卖家,并给与奖惩以鼓励良好卖家行为
  • 运用百亿补贴计划的奖励,卖家能为产品推出更多的优惠,借此开发市场,提升产品销量。购物者也 能透过此计划使用Spending Points抵消节省高达50%,双方达到双赢效果。


  • 订单记录- 自买自卖,刷单,串接不实买家与卖家交易记录
  • 违反商家产品规范- 用不实的价格、运输或产品描述误导消费者
  • 滥用行为- 串接滥用奖励/折扣卷,滥用规定或涉嫌欺诈的行为
  • 产品listing页面涉及抄袭或侵权的内容(如是100%真品,需交上品牌的证书)
  • 直销产品和/或代金券的销售应受上述产品的条款和条件的约束。为免生疑问,Quin Pavilion 的卖家有责任遵守直销产品和/或代金券的销售限制。如果Quin Pavilion Management收到直销产品公司的任何投诉,我们将保留立即从页面上删除该产品的权利,恕不另行通知。



  • 非用户本人下单
  • 建立假订单-自买自卖(例:相同姓名、装置、地址等开分身之行为)
  • 诈骗或影响交易安全行为
  • 扰乱平台或用户之行为
  • 刷单、销量或信用卡红利
  • 滥用运费补助、折扣卷,商家/用户奖励补贴
  • 张贴或传送具攻击性、散播仇恨或不雅等讯息


  • 重大违规商品
  • 严重侵犯第三人知识产权
  • 规避交易费用(例:设定不合常理的运费)
  • 多次或大量上架违规商品


  • 使用平台提供之服务时,冒充任何人或实体, 或虚报与任何人或实体之关系
  • 预防性冻结
    • 大量滥发信息或广告
    • 创建虚假身份(用于欺骗他人)
    • 使用可疑的个人资料注册多个分身帐号
  • 不属于以上项目,但已明显有损Quinton 集团旗下公司利益或使用规范之行为


  • 什么是自买自卖行为
  • 自买自卖之行为:买、卖双方账号有相关联,如:曾经使用相同、地址、银行账号、信用卡等。 请您留意,与分身账号交易之行为,将有可能被系统阻挡交易
  • 若您因为被系统判定有违反自买自卖之行为或其他违规行为而被冻结,但有疑义,可以提出申诉电邮至:[email protected]
  • 请您提供相关佐证,或提供合理的解释,我们会审核您的申诉案件,申诉成功者也将作出调整。
  • 申诉成功后累犯,被冻结的账户将永久停权。
  • 在收到您的申诉后,会进行审核,并发送通知您申诉之结果,还请您留意讯息。请勿担心,您以发货的单,我们会照常汇款给您。
※请务必提供有效的证明资料,以利审核您的交易记录。 若您的个人信息错误、非有效之证明或未清楚说明您申诉之状况,您的申诉将会被拒绝。申诉将由风险管理团队进行复查,并将以email方式回复。 已回复复查结果之账号,将不再受理复查