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Premium Yam Powder HOMEMADE BABY FOOD 特级淮山粉

RM33.00 (5% SP)

[海爸堂 series]海爸堂 HOMEMADE 特级淮山粉  Premium Yam Powder 50g100%纯天然;100%手工制作无添加剂;无色素;无防腐剂为了确保新鲜, 都是下单后才制作~ 欢迎妈妈们信息我们询问~RM6 Delivery Fee for 1-2bottles;Free Delivery for 3 bottles & aboveKindly WhatsApp me for any inquires. Thank you :)Merchant: AS Life Store (ALOR SETAR 50% Merchant)WhatsApp: 01135258180..


Biogreen O’Kid Oatmilk (HALAL) 850g

RM71.16 RM74.90

Biogreen O’Kid Oatmilk is a wholesome, non-dairy milk made from organic and natural ingredients specially formulated for better performance and diet transition in children. It has a smooth and fine texture, allowing better digestion and nutrient absorption, making it the first choice for toddlers and children!O’Kid 燕麦奶采用了全有机及天然的原料,是一种为孩童配制的高营养食品。其拥..

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